Tuesday 20th of October

Peronne to Fricourt

Ok, to start with; the Welsh people have names, it wasn’t very polite of me not introducing them to you. There’s Kerry and Ann and the other couple is Pat and Rob. Sorry I haven’t done that in the first place.

That was a good one today!! We are getting our rhythm and the first break was later. I thought we had a smaller distance to walk and as my navigation didn’t work at Peronne, I didn’t know if we were nearly there yet, I just kept on walking.

IMG_0804 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_1169

My toes keep playing up all the time; it’s on and off. I found out that it gets worse when I have to walk a hill. Upwards it starts to hurt and downwards it will disappear slowly. I had some ibuprofen gel on it that Ann gave me and that seemed to work at least for the first couple of hours so I bought myself such gel today.

IMG_0808 This is my black belt dirt! In between where the leggings end and the boots begin.

It is funny. When I walked alone, people were looking grumpy at me, You could hear them think, that woman is either a dangerous terrorist or a lunatic in any other way… Now we’re walking with more of us silly people in medieval costumes people are more enthusiastic. They stop to ask what we’re doing, they want to make pictures, lot of the cars passing by are beeping and people wave at us.

I went to the pub to find out if there is wifi there and yay, there is. For very short time that is. There’s hardly any signal so I started ok (could read my mail of the past five days or so) but then it suddenly dropped dead and didn’t work again!


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