Wednesday October 21st

From Fricourt to Acheux en Amienois, via Albert.

Today was the short one, only about 18 km. As everyone has his own pass, I ended up walking alone for quite a long time, but that’s perfectly ok. The knowledge that there are people doing the same and there are people along the route taking care of you is very comfortable.


Rob has the fasted pass and he walked in front. As we walked via the somewhat bigger town of Albert, we lost sight of each other. My navigation was working properly so it was ok. Besides, I had been in the front seat of the van so I had seen the route before. Not Rob, he took the wrong route and was walking his way up to Lille. Luckily Ann and Pat went looking for him so they rescued him.

This day is exact 15 years ago that I joined the first ‘walk to Agincourt’ group. And if I am correct it was in Forceville on the exact same spot as pictured


From the group’s point of view



From my point of view 15 years ago

My toes keep playing up every now and then but with the ibuprofen gel the first hours are still ok.IMG_1162

Wanted to have another go on the wifi of le café but that was closed.

I have asked for wifi in the museum but there is none! Bugger again!


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