24th of October Nuncq Hautecote to Maisoncelles


That’s the only proper word for it, a special day, a special walk, a special finish.

It’s the last real long distance walk, the very last part tomorrow is just 1,5 km for the show. Sandra has joined the group yesterday evening, so she is walking with us today. Also Helen, Ginny (these ladies I know from Herstmonceux!!) and Louis walked with us today.

I couldn’t help crying every now and then, it just happened without a specific reason. Mainly a kind of happy tears.

I picked some wild flowers and placed them in my headpiece. I had a poppy, a dead-nettle, chamomile and I found a beautiful pheasant’s feather.

It was a long walk but strangely it didn’t feel like that at all, apart from that last endless hill. I was fed up with these buggers so I wanted it to get it over with. I fastened my pass to the level that I even passed Pat and Rob! It was as a kind of last sprint. It took a while before I could breathe normally again. If I didn’t loose any weight during the whole walk, I must have lost at least a kilo on that hill!! haha.

When we arrived at the English memorial, the end of today’s walk, the group was so kind to let me go up there first, that felt good. I had a moment on my own to celebrate, Rob silently behind me to take pictures of that special moment.

After that, I walked back a little to join the group, waiting for the last one to arrive and walk up the memorial all together. Then we had our pictures taken.

In the evening we went out for dinner in the local cafe/brasserie. We had a very good evening with laughter and good food.

(Pictures of the arrival and later will be added soon, (I haven’t got those, they are to be sent to me))


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