The grand finale

October 25th 1415-2015

There was much of a do today.

The official ceremonies were about the gendarmerie. It is said that the first gendarme has fallen in the battle of Agincourt so there was a remembrance and there were people dressed as gendarmes of several periods in history.

Also a new monument is revealed, it’s a kind of tombstone for all who have fallen at Agincourt and were buried without a grave.

There were a lot of speeches of high officials and as far as I could hear they had all to do with Britain and France remembering together. For this purpose the Queen of England had sent Lord Camoys a direct descendant of the commander of Henry V’s right flanking division. I had the honor to get introduced to him and had a little chat about my journey.

The parade led us into the village again and there also a lot of national hymns playing, minutes of silence and all of that ceremonial rituals,….. and then… champagne!!! (and we still had our last bit to walk yay!!)

After a good bite in a French sandwich with pate de la campagne to get the alcohol tamed, we got ready for the last 1,5 km. We went up to the English memorial and there the group laid a bouquet of poppies for all who paid the ultimate sacrifice at Agincourt. As I’m not British and I will do my own rituals Monday I videoed their ceremony. After that, some of us started to do the last bit walking, others hopped on the van.

I had my medieval shoes on, hoping they would last for this little walk. Up to the French memorial in Agincourt, destination of this journey as it is next to (what they think is) the battlefield.


After the group hat their ceremony with poppies at the French memorial as well, the archers amongst us had some arrows loosed on the battlefield. On my way back to the village, my sole came of again which made me walk a silly walk (like a duck, having to pull my right leg high up to not trip over the half loose sole). Happy that it didn’t happen whilst walking the last bit I thought it was funny.

After a last T (dinner) together and a last gathering around the fire in the evening I went to bed in my caravan, it’s all done now,…. weird.

Anyone in for a walk??


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