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After two months finally the epilogue of my journey.

At the beginning I wondered if it would have been necessary to organize something for the process I wanted to go through. Soon enough I found out that everything just happened as it had to.

First the victory of starting to walk. After less than an hour the sole of my medieval shoe came off. I found out how to use the navigation on my phone without using data. And the things that happened in the past that I wanted to leave behind just came by (in my mind) in logical order, starting with the death of my father in 1997.


During the walk things happened that were symbolic to all the events in the past but also things to keep me safe on my journey. Like being stopped by the Gendarmerie kept me from hitch hiking on days without public transport. I really got angry on myself for not walking when there was no public transport. That was a good experience! I had to be milder for myself and I succeeded. Me crossing the Somme not being filmed or taken a picture is the most symbolic of them all, although… left out at the credits on the video diary of the Welsh (where ‘all’ the ‘walkers’ are mentioned) beats that one of course!

It’s all about accomplishing things, keep fighting for a cause and not been seen. I know what I’ve accomplished I’m proud of it and if people can’t see it that’s not my problem (anymore).

I came home with a cleansed mind and body, apart from a joggers heel (fasciitis plantaris). I’m relaxed. I’ve really closed the circle. I can make a nice new start with my new company. (www.therapieretraite.nl)

Now I know that I’ve missed adventure for too long. So I’m planning my next adventure. I might go for a walk along the western coast of Ireland and maybe camp in the wild, who knows…. suggestions are very welcome.

Thank you for traveling along and I will keep you posted on my future adventures.IMG_1212