The walk (history, facts, maps)

Watch this: a nice film about Agincourt

During the hundred year war, on October 25th 1415, a battle between the English and the French took place in Agincourt (English) or Azincourt (French). For detailed information see Battle of Agincourt or Slag bij Azincourt for Dutch.

In very short: Henry V and his troops landed at Harfleur and sieged this place. As it was a very expensive campaign and he had suffered much casualties caused by disease, he didn’t want to go home having captured just one place. So Henry V wanted to march up to Calais. The French were successful blocking the English for crossing the river Somme first but eventually the English found their way near Voyennes. At October 24th at Agincourt the French awaited the English and the next day the famous battle took place (in the mud, for it had been terrible weather for a longer time). For the rest of the story read the link above. (There’s also a Shakespeare play on this battle, one of his kings dramas: Henry V)

This explaines why the route takes such a detour:

Dit is de route

This is the route

See this picture: The original route

The walk is 260 miles/420 kilometers, so I will be walking approximately 12,4 miles/20 kilometers a day.

Harfleur to Goderville (22,5 km) Oct 4

Goderville to Fecam (13 km) Oct 5

Fecamp – Cany-Barville (22,5 km) Oct 6

Cany Barville to Veules-les-Rose (21 km) Oct 7

Veule-les-Rose to Hautot-sur-Mer (19,5 km) Oct 8

Hautot-sur-Mer to Arques-la-Bataille (13 km) Oct 9

Arques-la-Bataille to Biville-sur-Mer (19,5 km) Oct 10

Biville-sur-Mer to Eu (17,5 km) Oct 11

Eu to St Valery-sur-Somne (24 km) Oct 12

St Valery-sur-Somme to Mareuil Caubert (21 km) Oct 13

Mareuil Caubert to Hangest-sur-Somme (21 km) Oct 14

Hangest-sur-Somme to Pont de Metz (21 km) Oct 15

Pont de Metz to Boves (16 km) Oct 16

Boves to Harbonnieres (24 km) Oct 17

Harbonnieres to Nesle (21 km) Oct 18

Nesle to Voyennes (8 km) CROSS THE SOMME! Oct 19

Voyennes to Peronne via Athies (21 km) Oct 19

Peronne to Fricourt (19,5 km) Oct 20

Fricourt to Acheux-en-Amiénois (via Albert) (17,5 km) Oct 21

Acheux-en-Amiénois to Lucheux (21 km) Oct 22

Lucheux to Nuncq Hautcote (17,5 km) Oct 23

Nuncq Hautcote to Maisoncelles (21 km) Oct 24

Maisoncelles to Azincourt (1,5 km) Oct 24 or 25


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