From Acheux en Amienois to Lucheux

Thursday October 22nd

Yesterday Keith aka Sarge (as he was a sergeant) arrived. He started walking today so the group is getting bigger, that’s good!! It seems like the closer we get to Agincourt, the more people know what we’re doing. At least people are getting more enthusiastic every day, waving, beeping…


What a mountains today!! Well, ok, hills I know, but for a Dutch lady everything slightly higher is a mountain. Pfffft Will I have lost weight these days? Well, muscles are not aching, just a bit stiff after sitting right after the walk. But every morning it is ok again.

I was happy to see the sign Lucheux, I was tired.


Roads getting better to walk



Wednesday October 21st

From Fricourt to Acheux en Amienois, via Albert.

Today was the short one, only about 18 km. As everyone has his own pass, I ended up walking alone for quite a long time, but that’s perfectly ok. The knowledge that there are people doing the same and there are people along the route taking care of you is very comfortable.


Rob has the fasted pass and he walked in front. As we walked via the somewhat bigger town of Albert, we lost sight of each other. My navigation was working properly so it was ok. Besides, I had been in the front seat of the van so I had seen the route before. Not Rob, he took the wrong route and was walking his way up to Lille. Luckily Ann and Pat went looking for him so they rescued him.

This day is exact 15 years ago that I joined the first ‘walk to Agincourt’ group. And if I am correct it was in Forceville on the exact same spot as pictured


From the group’s point of view



From my point of view 15 years ago

My toes keep playing up every now and then but with the ibuprofen gel the first hours are still ok.IMG_1162

Wanted to have another go on the wifi of le café but that was closed.

I have asked for wifi in the museum but there is none! Bugger again!

Tuesday 20th of October

Peronne to Fricourt

Ok, to start with; the Welsh people have names, it wasn’t very polite of me not introducing them to you. There’s Kerry and Ann and the other couple is Pat and Rob. Sorry I haven’t done that in the first place.

That was a good one today!! We are getting our rhythm and the first break was later. I thought we had a smaller distance to walk and as my navigation didn’t work at Peronne, I didn’t know if we were nearly there yet, I just kept on walking.

IMG_0804 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_1169

My toes keep playing up all the time; it’s on and off. I found out that it gets worse when I have to walk a hill. Upwards it starts to hurt and downwards it will disappear slowly. I had some ibuprofen gel on it that Ann gave me and that seemed to work at least for the first couple of hours so I bought myself such gel today.

IMG_0808 This is my black belt dirt! In between where the leggings end and the boots begin.

It is funny. When I walked alone, people were looking grumpy at me, You could hear them think, that woman is either a dangerous terrorist or a lunatic in any other way… Now we’re walking with more of us silly people in medieval costumes people are more enthusiastic. They stop to ask what we’re doing, they want to make pictures, lot of the cars passing by are beeping and people wave at us.

I went to the pub to find out if there is wifi there and yay, there is. For very short time that is. There’s hardly any signal so I started ok (could read my mail of the past five days or so) but then it suddenly dropped dead and didn’t work again!

No internet and no wifi

As I don’t have internet were I’m now, I use a ‘bypass’ via my phone but I have limited amount of data there. I’m gonna prepare more for tomorrow so I can make updates and place the actual pictures as well.

All is well and i have the company of the Welsh group now. (And I’m walking every day!!!)

Crossed the Somme!!!

The first day in company of other walkers! And my logistic problems are over, thank you Freemen of Gwent!!

After a two hour drive from Agincourt to Voyennes we started walking. For the two men it was the first day walking, the two ladies were our very dear drivers, coffee suppliers, and routeplanners/keepers. We had to get acquainted to eachothers tempo, and habbits, and it was fun!!

For the first time a video here: Crossing the Somme is a real milestone! That’s the only reason for the enormous detour on the route from Harfleur to Calais.                     Haha, I wrote this before I transferred the pictures from my camera to the laptop. And you know what? My picture not taken, my crossing the Somme not filmed! No evidence!! What’s that telling me……. (Oct 27th: I know the answer and it’s ok. Not going to tell you though haha)


We had a very early break with coffee. To be honest, I think it was way to early, I prefer to get a whole lot of walking done (over halfway even!!) before having a break. Keeping up the rhythm of the walk is easier than start and stop all the time. But we’ll see how it goes tomorrow!


I have a toe problem playing with me all the time. Mostly I don’t feel any pain but every now and then my toes are hurting like hell!! It’s only on the right foot. It might be that this was going on weeks ago already, after wearing new slightly high heeled shoes at work. The shoes are widening every time and my feet hurt after a days work. So I really have to find myself a pair of other working shoes soon!! I really think the problem in my toes is related to that, … bugger!!

(Oct 27th: changed title) A beautiful Sunday

Two fine days,

Well that was good, two good days but no internet so nothing posted on my blog, that must have been a nice break.

Saturday at the campsite at Voyennes I met a Scottish lady and an English gentleman, better known as ‘Les Anglais’. They go to Nesle on a very regular basis and they were happy to take me with them on Sunday. That gave me the nice opportunity to walk from Nesle to Voyennes on a beautiful sunny autumn day. But before I took off for the walk, ‘Les Anglais’ took me to the local café for a nice cup of coffee. They were so friendly, and although my French is improving, it was so nice to have a proper conversation about lots of interesting things. So if you are reading this, thank you again!IMG_1140IMG_0802IMG_0803

Also a big thank you to the mayor of Voyennes, to the owner of the campsite and of course the gardians of the campsite. I wrote to all the mayors of the towns I visited on my route cause initially I was to sleep in my car. I asked the mayors if they could point me out a safe place to stay and maybe even have electricity and water, and a toilet perhaps? 3 Of all answered, 2 of them told me to go to the ‘camping municipal’ but the mayor of Voyennes organised a lot more! He saw the owner of the campsite and they agreed of giving me a free stay there. I was welcomed in a very friendly way and even though I came with caravan, on another date and for two nights instead of one, they wouldn’t hear anything about me paying for my stay. So: Très gentile, merci mille fois!!

After the nice walk I went to Agincourt with the caravan. The Welsh people have arrived Saturday and they started today with their first walk. To be solve my logistic problems I decided to go to Agincourt as well and put my caravan there at the museum grounds.


As I arrived there was nobody at first but I saw the camp so I wasn’t mistaken like 15 years ago. I decided to cook dinner on the parking lot and just wait for them to come back. About eight o’clock they arrived and we agreed on how to do things today.


Fed up with myself (Oct 27th: must be: Fed up with my own stories)

Yep, I’m fed up with my own nagging! I keep on telling the same story and the personal process I’m going trough is a personal process. From now on I will only update when something happens that matters.


(Oct 27th) An extra note on this one:

I was just fed up with the chitchat stories and not being able to tell something exciting new. I was not fed up with ‘me’. Wrong title, sorry!