Why (personal reasons)

Why on earth would one walk 420 km’s on her own as a holiday??? You must be a bit crazy to do that…

Well, here is why:

Let’s start in 1995. As my partner (at that time) and me were very fond on the series Robin of Sherwood, we got married in that style. As a surprise I arranged a honeymoon to Sherwood Forest. There we found out that there were Robin Hood festivals at summers. So we came back with our two children next summer and that’s where we met the Wolfshead Bowmen, a re-enactment group. We were welcomed very heartedly and I felt at home immediately.

1997: In April my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. In May my granddad died (aged 95, still busy in life but his heart just stopped). In August my father died. A lot to mourn for me and at the same time it turned out my marriage wasn’t good. A lot of therapies started, individual, communication, relation therapy… we al did that.

Oktober1998: I really needed a break, I had to be on my own for a while, even if it was just for a weekend. So I called the Wolfshead Bowmen and asked whether they would go to any event shortly. And they were! It was to Agincourt France, to re-enact the battle of Agincourt of 1415.

I decided to go there, a life-changing event! It was there at that very weekend I found out I didn’t want to go on with my marriage, despite all therapies.

What followed then is a horrible story of fighting for my children who stayed with their dad at first. That ‘battle’ went on for about 15 years.

In the meantime I went to Agincourt in 1999 again, it had become a special place for me.

In 2000 I went again. I had a row on when the children were with me for autumn holiday but I was determined to go to Agincourt again so I did! … One week early though!!

I heard the summer before that there were people walking the march from Harfleur to Agincourt as done by Henry V. As I didn’t want to go home done no re-enactment at all, I decided to find those people and ask them if I could join. I walked the last three days with them and felt sorry I didn’t join them from the start. (There’s a parallel between Henry V and me, both didn’t want to go home done nothing or little whilst coming over had cost a lot, hahaha)

Now, in 2015, the (personal) battle is fought and I really need a new start. The last 15 to 20 years I hardly had time for an own carrier and for real personal development. Always busy helping other people, no, fighting for other people is more like it!

So with this walk to Agincourt I will close the circle and go on with my life in another direction.

I start a new business with a dear friend. I’m looking forward to it!


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